Hack Someones Facebook Password 5 Ways

Hack Someones Facebook Password

"How to hack someones Facebook password?" is one of the most popular questions that people often ask us. Therefore, today we are going to answer it to satisfy those who want to hack Facebook accounts. We will give you 5 basic ways to hack a Facebook account.

How To Hack Someones Facebook Password

Although we have already written some ways to hack someones Facebook password, we should summarize these in an easy method. The first important thing we must tell you is that it is impossible for you to hack or crack a Facebook Password just by clicking a button. You will waste your time to find such applications on the internet because they are telling lie. Now, let us tell you some following ways to hack someones Facebook password.

Hack Someones Facebook Password

There are 5 fundamental ways which a beginner hacker would use to hack Facebook password:

  1. Social Engineering
  2. Keylogging
  3. Reverting Password/ Password Recovery Through Primary Email
  4. Facebook Phishing Page/ Softwares
  5. Stealers/ RATS/ Trojans

I am just trying to give you a brief idea of each step of hacking an account, if you want to get more information about them, just contact us. Now, I will explain these above-mentioned methods in the easiest way to help you understand more.

Social Engineering

This is the first and the easiest way of hacking. If you are good at extracting information out of a conversation between your victim and you, this will be the best trick for you. Please go to the website: "https://www.facebook.com/recover.php" to check exactly the information that you need to extract from your victim in the conversation. The most basic information is that "Birthday, Secrete question, etc." Please make sure that you shouldn't ask your victim for detail directly. Don't make your victim suspect you and then extract one by one gradually and carefully.


Keylogging is always my favourite way because this is the most stealthy and accessible way to hack an account. Once your keylogger is injected into the program to get the passwords that are entered on a computer. The difficult part of keylogging is "How to inject a Keylogger". Moreover, you can use email attachments or even such tool as "Money.exe" which is similar to your keylogger. If you want to use a free keylogger, you can try some of mine or others.

Password Reverting through Primary Email

There are two ways to do this method. Once you access in your victim's primary email, you can use Facebook Recovery form to send the password easily to your victim's primary email. If you don't know your victim's primary email, please don't access to it. Now, we would recommend you this Hack Facebook by Reverting. We have written that program for a long time, this technique doesn't need any keylogging or injecting a file.

How to hack Facebook Password Recovery! If your victims are your friends, girl-friend or boy-friend, and you know them quite well, this will be an effective technique. You can use this method to acquire rather easily their basic information.

Facebook Phishing Page/ Phishing software

This is the simplest way of cracking a Facebook account; however, we don't recommend this Facebook Phishing pages anymore because people often fail in this action. But people who know their victim might break the record. So, please try this Phishing page How to crack Facebook with Phishing Page which we created for a long time ago. Besides, you can also try Phishing software which is quite effective and a lot of people use it. I have written 2 Phishing software for Yahoo and Facebook. Here is one for Facebook called "Facebook Hacking Software".

Note: Phishing software is not actually used for hacking accounts. They only mislead your victim in hacking an account. Please read that article properly before using it.

Stealers/ Remote Administration Tool (RATs)/ Trojans

Those are malwares which you can use to extract saved secret information from your victim's computer. You can get free trojans on the internet. However, there is a major drawback of this method is that you cannot use this technique without injection.

That is a summary for how to hack someones Facebook password (HSFP). It's a piece of cake, isn't it?